Be Inspired Challenge: Spring

Spring is fresh! It is new, but vintage. It’s the mark of old things fading and exciting new beginnings. Spring is happy & bright, playful & whimsy, crisp & green. Spring is discovering beauty, character, & stories told within rusted wheelbarrows, wild flowers, and melted ice. Spring is the calm after the storm. Spring is the laughter of a child, the warmth of a mother, the love of a father & the kindness of God. – CurlyHeir

I got inspired to participate in a photography challenge asking, “what does spring mean to you?”. I am submitting this recent photo I took of Makaila which I feel perfectly envelopes just what it means to me! On a side note, upon random conversation, we have decided whom everyone in our family would be if they were an animal (I dont know why, we just have)… and ironically Meeka has always been known as the “bunny” among the rest of us. How fitting?! 😉

I got to capture this picture thanks to divine, natural opportunity in our own, overgrown backyard, of all places! Yes, embarrassingly overgrown, however with the right view point it has been able to be used as a backdrop of something completely beautiful… and that makes me proud!

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Robin’s Chicks: Blog Giveaway

There is a fun give away going on over at a fellow Mom Blog I follow. Thanks to my over-zealousness and heap of comments there was some new clarifications to the rules 🙂 Make sure to check that out and get your chance(s) to win a gift certificate redeemable at Boutique Designs. Lots of cute gift ideas for the holidays or anytime!

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Artsy Fartsy

In the past two days I have gotten to get in touch with a side of myself that was dusty and rusty. In lieu of the “alternative fall activities” at the kids school and our upcoming event at church,  there has been a lot of artsy things going on.

Today I took advantage of my husbands latest disposition and got the chance to help out in Makaila’s class. It was pumpkin carving with the Kindergartners and it was actually a really good time! A quick side story… Makaila and another girl in our group went girly and got icky about gutting our pumpkin. So this really petite, adorable little boy steps up and says in a Mr. Cool type of voice, “Let the Man handle this. I’ll take care of it.” And then he sort of flicked his head back as to move his shiny hair from his brow and dug right in. Gosh, kids are hilarious!

Anywho.. I was pleasantly surprised to know that our activity was educationally motivated. There were predictions and estimating. Oh, and did you know why farmers leave about a 3 inch stem on the pumpkin? Well, I do…because it keeps it from growing moldy longer. Bam–You learn something new everyday! The scientific pumpkin carving affair lasted only about an hour so it was butcher paper Indian-vest-making for me (Novembers project). Carving, playing with slime, tracing and cutting…. no wonder kids have such a carefree outlook on life. I need to do it more often!

Additionally, with the upcoming Trunk or Treat Festival that our church is holding I’ve gotten to paint and do a few more hands on activities that I have not partaken in in a long while. It’s simple kiddy art but has been so much fun and more therapeutic than I thought it would have been. Between that and playing around with costume paint ideas I’m in art mode! Of course, I have to come up with appealing & creative ways to project information on a regular basis, but this carefree side of imaginative projects has inspired me greatly!

These are some faux-wood signs for our festival. 
A section of a sign I am still working on.
Some makeup looks we were playing around with.
Used what we had on hand so this is all “regular” face makeup.
This was our first, quick, dry run at an Avatar look.
Got the right supplies today and anxious to try it again.

And a couple of random breaks in between…

Jerm rocking out. 

Keeping himself busy and proud of his “creation”… his bed nook he made all by himself  😉

Knock, Knock. Come in, Fall!

Fall is upon us! 7 days away to be exact. I just love this season. Living in Southern California, we may not always get the full Autumn experience as far as weather is concerned, but I get excited for it nonetheless! On the days we are fortunate to have it, I enjoy the crisp, cool weather. I indulge in this season in every way. It’s the time to pull out the sweaters, boots, scarves & accessories! It’s a time when the new school year is fresh and exciting. Meals get “holiday inspired” around here and a cozy, warm atmosphere occupies our home.

I must admit, I am a bit overly eager for each upcoming holiday. I like to find ways to dress the house by sprinkling festive touches throughout. (I make sure to try not to overdue it either. If it’s one thing I really try to avoid, its obviously themed decorating.) The other day I thought I’d dress the table and created a festive lil piece before the kids got home from school. Their surprisingly large reactions to it as well as big smiles warmed my heart.

I think it turned out pretty cute considering it was very simple and easy to create. I made this with things I already had around the house. I used a large glass jar, scrap ribbon, some artificial flowers that I had left over from a previous project, and dry fettuccine. I bunched together some flowers to make a simple arrangement that gave the appearance of a “hand picked” bouquet. Next, I used the fettuccine noodles to mask the flower stems by placing in the jar and letting them fall around the bouquet stems. Then I wrapped some orange ribbon around the rim to finish it off.
I believe that a home is not only a place to live and grow, but a place to inspire our family. I hope you too get inspired to find ways to infuse your home with warmth. Happy decorating!