Show a little love

So I was working at my desk and lil “Jerm” ran up and gave me a quick squeeze, smooch on the arm, & then went back to playing!

I just melt when he does sweet things like that out of the blue. ๐Ÿ™‚

That totally changed the course of my day! I forsee cake baking and extra special play time. Give someone a hug today, it means more than you know. Happy Wednesday!

Peachy Keen Friday!


I don’t spend my days in the “work place” but the weekends are just as exciting to me as most of you all.

Today I am very grateful for the noticeably increasing peace of God on and in my life. By this do I mean that I am a perfectly calm, cool, collected person, and all is peachy keen up in my world?…. NO! By all means, NO! However, what I have noticed is the change in response. When I am in mid flip out mode– grunts, groans, and all– I am able to pull it back by simply stopping and remembering that all I have to do is cast all my cares on Him, for he really does care for me!

For any of you who have known me… big difference! ๐Ÿ™‚

Just think… God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! He is the same who conquered the grave. He is alive today. Alive in me. So if he can conquer death… I’m sure he can conquer attitudes, rage, and running high emotions. And in me… it would take that same grave conquering power, but it will be conquered. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s why God calls us “more than conquerors”. A conqueror battles and then defeats. In Jesus, all I need to do is walk in my victory cuz its already laid out. Done! Isn’t living in Him awesome?!

I wish you all a happy, care-free Friday! If it’s not thus far, then get to speaking truth in your life and move on in peace ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello [I am] Twenty Five

BAM– You win the Lotto! It’s the big one. Instant Billionaire! What would you do with your winnings? A flood of exciting ideas rush to mind, huh? Expensive car, house shopping, sparkling pool, shopping spree extravaganza in your new car, plane trip to paradise destination! Am I the only one or did any of these thoughts pop up in your head too? Well this was a thought I arrived at recently during a random internal conversation that all started when pondering on my nearing twenty-fifth birthday. (I know, what’s that got to do with my twenty fifth birthday?! I did say “random”. You know those times when you think on an idea and you end up in a completely different place in the end that had nothing to do with your original thought. Well this was just like that.)  Let me backtrack for a moment.
Hello, today I turn TWENTY FIVE. Another year of life, health, growth & experience. I’ve officially arrived to my mid-twenties. It’s a fairly significant year in age & a bit of a milestone in a person’s course of life. With the coming of this new year of age, I began to evaluate my life. Now, I already know…. before anyone says it… I have already been told that I am still “just a babe”, I’m barely headed to, “the prime of life”, and I am, “just beginning”. I am well aware and this is in no way a whine about aging. However, I began thinking on my experiences, my failures, my triumphs, my accomplishments, thinking about where I am presently and where I want to go. Questions rose in me. What did I envision for myself several years ago? Where did I see myself headed? What are my goals & visions? Have I acted on any of those things yet? What is holding me back from turning those goals into realities in my life?
So, why the heavy duty questions? As I approached this birthday I recognized that this year was personally substantial in my life. At the age of  twenty-five my Mom transitioned on to be with the Lord. As an adult who had an early start at creating a family of my own, that fact strikes me greatly. Being here now, realizing that for some, for my own Mom, this was all of the time they lived, everything they had done in their life here on earth was all they would do, that made me think deeply. As many people know, my Mommy has made a large impact on my life. In her last years before she passed on she made large impacts in the lives of many through her faith in Jesus. I thought about what I am doing in my life. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and three children whom I am very proud to call mine. But aside from the family that I have been blessed to have, I know there is still much more in store. I have had visions & ideas nagging (for lack of a better word) at me for some time. I just know that I am purposed to do more. That led me to the questions: what are my goals & why am I not acting on them?
I began thinking on the many ideas I’ve had floating in the back of my mind and I began to get inspired & excited. Oh the things I would do if only….. if only I had “all the money in the world” as the saying goes. What if I’d won the lotto, what then? Well after the initial ballin’ out of control, day dreamin’ madness that most of us fathom, I have thought about what I’d do. “I could do this, invest in this, create this, run with this, make this happen”. When most people think big money, they think freedom, power, security. So are these the things that I feel I’m lacking and the reasons why I hold back from not acting on my goals? Hmm, I know much better than that! 
Romans 8:16-17 says, 
 “The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirsโ€”heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together.” 
I am a believer in God and his Word. Believing that word, I am inspired to live without caution because I have freedom, power, and security! I am a child of the most high King, I am royalty with authority. Every plan that God has for my life was meant to succeed. Then it all clicked like it never had before. What am I doing in my life?!
Which brings you (if you are reading this) and I here. One of my personal goals has been to start and carry on a blog. I love to share. Share ideas, experiences (past and present), share knowledge, truth, humor, and inspiration. I know that God has given me a “voice” to share. I have decided that I am no longer going to sit back and let time pass as I choose not to live in purpose. In the past I have not been the kind to emphasize on my birthday. But this year, something was just different. It’s my birthday today! Today I am turning twenty five! Twenty five years ago today, I was born. Heeeey! Whoop! Whoop! Today I am alive to live my twenty fifth year and I am excited about it. Who knows, I think they say confidence comes with age, but this year I am saying, “Happy birthday to me!”
If you have not realized it by now this is my first blog post. Welcome to my blog :) I am inspired to take from every experience in my life with humor, transparency, and most of all God’s wisdom in order to share, relate to & encourage others with purpose that I may bring Honor & Glory to God with my life. I look forward to inspiring and being inspired by others. What better time to “give birth” to something so special and significant to me than on the day I was born. This is just the beginning of the many things to come. Today I am not a lotto winner, however, today I turn twenty five and my life will never be the same!