No Ace of Cakes, but sure was Sweet fun!

Finally sat down with the kiddos and had some fun trying out their new “Girl Gourmet-  Ace of Cakes” kit that they got as a gift from a friend of mine. She of course is talented enough that she makes real cakes, so it was a perfect and thoughtful gift coming from her. Thanks Cassy! 

After fumbling with the directions & some setup… we were good to go! Of course it only came with ONE mixing bowl so I gave them each their own…ahem, three kids who want everything equal :/
Just add water to the packets… easy enough. Right?

Jerm mixing & eating the blue fondant.
Lesseya preparing the batter to bake. Well actually, more like microwave for 30 seconds 🙂
 This was our FIRST attempt at laying the fondant. Of course it kept crumbling.
So we kept trying to save it with more water…
and then more flour when it got too gooey…
and then more water… 
then more flour… 
Yeah… it didnt work out! lol
Tada… Our clumpy, holey fondant. {We just blame it on Jeremiah, hehe}
So after lots of laughs and getting lil Jerm off to bed, we decided to go for it again…
And finally… our better, our smoother, our less clumpy, less holey creation 🙂
We decided it looks more like two funky decorated marshmallows, but proud regardless…
Makaila said, “Good thing its not somebody’s wedding cake!”
 And on that note….
…it was time to taste….
Uh, yeah… good thing it wasn’t somebody’s ANYTHING… cuz it tasted like play dough, haha!
But by far… a very fun time with the kiddos!
I want to try again 🙂

Rustic-Vintage Wedding Invites

I recently had the pleasure of creating these unique & fun wedding invitations for my cousin, Sarah and her fiance Brian. She is putting together a classy and casual wedding that will include a touch of whimsy. It truly will be fun and memorable event that represents them as a couple.
She requested invites that would coordinate with her rustic-vintage inspired theme and that would includ a sepia version of one of her engagement photos. I got hold of her vision and knew I wanted to create something that was elegant but light and fun…. and something that would give recipients a sweet, small taste of what is to come.
Drawing inspiration from old Type Posters that were used in the Victorian era and for vintage circus’ I knew Typography was the way to go! I used varying fonts to reflect the eclectic & vintage elements of her wedding. I utilized a few of the wonderful free fonts over at
I chose three colors to use consistently throughout the design to tie the eclectic pieces together. The modern twist to this vintage & rustic theme is the color scheme: soft gray-blue, teal & cream are the main colors. However, rich chocolate browns and deep muted reds are being used as pops of color and complete the modern color palette. Blues and chocolate were my delicious choices.

My personal favorite touch is the hidden “S & B” that I used as a ribbon detail behind their photo 😉