Stop it some more!

From time to time Jeremiah gets into his mischievous modes and creates all kinds of new messes. Of course initial reactions use to consist of obvious, long sighs and a few grunts. However, I discovered that with each new “uh-oh”, and with each new child for that matter, I am finding every accident more and  more adorable.

I am fortunate in that my kids pretty much know what should and shouldn’t be gotten in to and refrain from it. Although, I have a suspicion that Jeremiah may be a bit of an adrenaline junky and likes to get “caught”. Why? Because anytime he is going to get into something or has already got into something, He says really loudly,
“Maaaa-maaa…” and then acts really surprised and caught off guard when I discover him.

Yea… real subtle, kid! Kinda like, “Stop it some more!”

Recently, he played Indian Chief with my concealer. Today was lotion bath. Here are a couple hammed up pics of the aftermath.

You see that? See the fulfillment in his eyes?

Maybe my more frequent response of, “Jeremiaaaaah? — Hold on! Let mommy get her camera!” is not the best message sent, but I cant help myself. I may need to rethink my contribution to his growing addiction.

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